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After an uneventful day (other than my visit to my counselor) Kerry and I went to Tyler’s Little League baseball game. It was on the field with the slow pitching machine, so the shorter players had a great time hitting the ball around the infield. The best part was seeing the kids playing defense with several great plays . . . even a couple double plays! This is the first game that they kept an “official” score and the loser was eliminated. Makes a bit more exciting 😉

Kerry showing off his new pen

Kerry showing off his new pen

I gave Kerry his Father’s Day/Birthday gift today . . . a Fraser Ross DIY Pens from Grommet ( http://www.thegrommet.com/fraser-ross-diy-pens-set). I finally got a present he actually liked, although he doesn’t know what it cost yet. They describe it as “Like a LEGO set, piece together this pen from components that fit on a single, postcard-sized sheet of plywood. Make your own pen as unique as your signature.”

I got him the black set. The only problem was the our hair dryer didn’t work, but he was able to find his heat gun and is working on that now. I guess there is a rubber-like sleeve that needs to be melted around the wooden guts.  Hopefully I’ll have a picture of Kerry and the pen to post. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA