Monday, June 18, 2013


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After an uneventful day (other than my visit to my counselor) Kerry and I went to Tyler’s Little League baseball game. It was on the field with the slow pitching machine, so the shorter players had a great time hitting the ball around the infield. The best part was seeing the kids playing defense with several great plays . . . even a couple double plays! This is the first game that they kept an “official” score and the loser was eliminated. Makes a bit more exciting 😉

Kerry showing off his new pen

Kerry showing off his new pen

I gave Kerry his Father’s Day/Birthday gift today . . . a Fraser Ross DIY Pens from Grommet ( I finally got a present he actually liked, although he doesn’t know what it cost yet. They describe it as “Like a LEGO set, piece together this pen from components that fit on a single, postcard-sized sheet of plywood. Make your own pen as unique as your signature.”

I got him the black set. The only problem was the our hair dryer didn’t work, but he was able to find his heat gun and is working on that now. I guess there is a rubber-like sleeve that needs to be melted around the wooden guts.  Hopefully I’ll have a picture of Kerry and the pen to post. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


June 16, 2013 Father’s Day

Hard to believe this is the fifth Father’s Day that dad has been missed.  Although we didn’t have any traditions with my family, we used to get together with Kerry’s family.  We would celebrate all the June birthdays with one big cake gathered around the pool at the “homestead” – Kerry’s parent’s house.  I remember the days were hot and the pool was refreshing.

     We are fortunate that Kenny’s “in-laws” have adopted us. We all got together at the Texas Roadhouse. A little disappointing that they sat us at two booths instead of a large table, but the food was great as usual. Of course, Kenny and Kerry had to tease me for getting grilled shrimp – I guess TR is famous for steaks?!?!